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  BOSCH(ROBERT BOSCH CORPORATION): diesel/gasoline injector, diesel fuel injection pump distributor fuel injection pump(VA,VE).In-line multi-elements pump(P,PF,PE,PFR,PES,M,MWA,Z,ETC),engine cam drive pump (PE,PF,PFR,ETC.), electronic control pump(EDC).
  DENSO(NIPPONDENSO,NDDENSO):diesel injector, diesel fuel injection pump-distributor (VA,VE),in–line multi-elements pump (A,P,PES,EP-9,ETC.), engine cam drive pump (PE,PF,PFR,ETC).
  ZEXEL(DIESEL KIKI) diesel injector, diesel fuel injection pump-distributor pump(VA,VE.)in-line multi-elements pump(P,PF,PE,PFR,PES,M,MW,A,Z,ETC.) engine cam drive pump (PE,PF,PFR,ETC.) ,electronic controlled pump(MD-TICS).
DOOWON-the leader of the industry in producing diesel fuel injection equipment in Korea, its products are used by many companies.
LUCAS VARITY(LUCAS CAV, ROTODIESEL, SIMMS): diesel/gasoline injector. Diesel fuel injection pump-distributor pump(DPA,DPC,DPS,DP200). In-line multi-elements pump(MINIMEC,MAJORMEC,ETC.).
Established in 1973,the products ISUZU Corp. Ltd. produced are loved by customers everywhere. At present, the output of ISUZU commercial vehicle and diesel engine is in the front rank of the world.
Delphi is a world leader in automotive systems and components, providing comprehensive product solutions to vehicle manufacturers around the globe. That same technological expertise is now available to the aftermarket. Delphi is ideally positioned to support your product and service requirements. Every component that carries the Delphi consumer brand is developed and manufactured to the same high quality standards expected by Delphi's OEM customer base and benefits from the same rigorous research and development. This enables Delphi to constantly lead the way in product performance using advanced materials and processes to achieve a longer product life and better operating characteristics.
STANADYNE - (Rosa Master) Diesel Injectors, Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps - Distributor (D, DB, JDB, DB2, DB4, DM2, DM4) Engine Cam Drive Pumps (PF, PFR, etc.) Electronically-controlled pumps (DS).
AMBAC - (American Bosch, United Technologies) Diesel Injection Pumps - Distributor (M50, M100), Inline (APE, PLM) and V-8 style pumps.
YANMAR - Diesel Injectors, diesel fuel injection pumps - inline pumps (PES, etc.), engine cam driven pumps OPE, PF, PFR).
In 1837, John Deere founded the company that would come to bear his name. Incorporated as Deere & Company in 1868, it has grown from a one-man blacksmith shop into a corporation that today does business around the world and employs approximately 47,000 people. It is one of the oldest industrial companies in the United States.
For more than 80 years, Caterpillar Inc. has been building the world's infrastructure and, in partnership with its worldwide dealer network, is driving positive and sustainable change on every continent. With 2005 sales and revenues of $36.34 billion, Caterpillar is a technology leader and the world's leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines and industrial gas turbines.
BENDIX - (Haynes Corp.) Diesel fuel injection components for single-cylinder injection pumps and injectors applied to John Deere, Enterprise, General Electric, Worthington, Cooper Bessemer and more.
DIPACO - Aftermarket diesel fuel injection components for Allis-Chalmers, Caterpillar, Cummins, and other fuel systems. Diesel injector and pump mounting kits.
CUMMINS(CUMMINS ENGINE CO.,CDC):We are authorized fuel pump experts, Service including varies diesel injections(PTB,PTC,BIG,ANDSMALL FLANGE,K-CAM,PTD,TOPSTOP,L-10,STC,CELECT,ETC.),fuel-pump(PT,PTR,PTG,AFC,MVS,ETC.), fuel system parts (TMD, telecontrolled MVS, aneroid capsule, grade-classified time-controlled box, solenoid etc.)We are “B”& “C” engine parts distributor(Dauch elements motor truck, industrial engine),we also have deposited Turbocharger.
Gereral Motors Corp. Ltd. is the biggest motor corporation in the world, in 1908, carriage manufacturer, William.C.Duran, united four big motor factories, five small motor factories, three truck manufacture factories and one motor distributor company, found the General motors corporation, the total sale amount reached $133.622 billion in 1993,produced 7.299 million motors, occupying 15.35% of the world motor market, the biggest in the world's industrial companies, it also produces railroad locomotives, bulldozer, airplane engine, diesel ,cold storage facilities, household appliances and plenty of military equipments. During the world war II, 1/4 American tanks, armored car.1/2 bullets and muskets,2/3 military motors were produced there. It is the main supplier of American military equipment in the Korea war, Vietnam war and Gulf war.
Ford Motor Company is the second biggest company in the world(General Motor Company biggest),including the brands of Ford, Jaguar, Lincoln and Mercury. FordTaurus and other “F” series Ford cars are all successfully used. It is the biggest motor financial service supplier. It owns hertz motor rent company (biggest in America),in addition, some stocks of motor company where out of the America under its control. It have actually controlled the MAZDA. The sale amount outside the U.S.A, occupying 30% of the total. Now it is selling its indirectly controlled Assonwtes First Capital Corp stocks where provides finance, rent and related service.
Cerisler company established in the basis of Maxwell motor company. In 1921, Wat.Cerisler avoided the company to bankrupt. In November of 1998, Cerisler and Mercedes-Benz united, and established Daimler. Cerisler motor group company, after cutting down the new motor produce cost, Reinstalling machine parts, reducing development cycle, it has become world's lowest produce cost, side effect highest motor manufacturer in America. It is the third biggest in America, producing Dodge Neon, Intrepid, Stealth motors, Dodge Ram, Dakota ,Jeep Comanche trucks, and Jeep Comanche trucks. It also provides financial service for distributors and customers. Its products are sold in more than 100 countries,90% of them are in America.
Benz produced world's first motor in 1886, named “Benz”, Hence, he is called “the father of motors”. In 1901, Daimler was renamed as Mercedes. In 1926,Daimler and Benz are united, Mercedes-Benz stocks was always controlled by the Daimler motor group company until 1989. In 1998, Daimler –Benz motor group company and Cerisler company united, Daimler - Cerisler motor group company was established, then it became the world's five biggest motor company. Mercedes-Benz are sold in 170 countries in the world at present.
German Bavaria motor factory short for BMW. It was a company specialize in producing engine at first, it is also famous of producing high quality motorbike, there are some same characters with Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. BMW become one of the most famous company in the world's high quality car industry. The name of German word double “B” (BENZ and BMW) are known worldwide. The word “sit in BENZ and drive BMW” is known to every person. Its sign means: The BMW company chose the double circle ring (inside one small and outside one big) as its sign. The word “BMW” is up the double circle ring. They are the abbreviation of each word of the full name of the company. The mosaic of blue and white is in the inside circle ring, signify the blue sky, white clouds and restlessly moving airscrew.
The name Audi can be traced back to late 19 century. It entered the American market in 1969, it is also the first kind high quality motor China imported, Its most famous products- Quattro with four wheels ,About 85% are sold in the U.S.A. The sign of Audi means: four brothers work arm in arm: the sign of Audi car which produced in Volkswagen AG with four interlink circles. Four circles mean it was established by the four united companies HOHERD,AUDI,DKW and WANDLORD .
Volkswagen AG group including Volkswagen AG, Audi, and Spanish seat, and Czech Skoda. Volkswagen AG is the leader of European motor, its small and middle size family cars and multi purpose motors, are widely sold in Europe, Asia and other regions in the world. Especially the Beatle cars continually produced 25 million, created the unthinkable world record. In the motor industry,Volkswagen AG is the most successfully cooperated brand with China related company. Its SANTANA ,JETTA,PASSAT almost occupy the middle rail motor market in our country.” The sign “VW” is known to everybody, it is a good brand in people's mind. When its new style Beatle car can be entered China market is a still unknown.
In 1897,the world's first motor with electronic ignition engine was invented by Porsche company. In 1931, Mr. Ferdinand Porsche applied the qualification to produce motors for Porsche company. In 1948, the first 356Roadsters car named of “Porsche” had been produced, 25 thousand had been sold out in the after 10 years. In 1963, the Porsche company produced time-honored 911 motor, it was widely loved by customers in north America.
In 1933, Toyata was only a Toyota automatic loom branch company. In 1937, the Toyota car company was established. Its total sale quantity reached 100 thousand in 1947, Toyota car entered American market in 1957, at present , almost half of Toyota motors are produced and sold in the U.S.A. Its corolla is famous worldwide, the world's highest sale record in single brand was created. Toyota once would replace the Volkswagen AG as china's cooperator. It is not success for some reasons, now there are joint-capital projects in china, for example, engine production line which it cooperated with TianJin motor company has been in producing, it also cooperate with Sichuan bus factory in producing Chinese Coaster high rail middle size bus.
Mitsubishi Motors Corp. was established in 1917 by Vataro Iwasaki, it was the biggest motor manufacturer at that time. At present Mitsubishi company is still one of Japanese three biggest motor manufacturers.(Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi). Mitsubishi means three gems. Pony and Cavalry are very successful motors, its cross-country vehicle Pajero are also sold well. There is good prospects of its engine direct injection.
The brand Honda is named from the Japanese Honda technology study institute established in 1946. It started as construction mechanism and tools. In 1948, it was changed as Honda motor cooperation, and entered American market in 1959, motorbike were sold in Los Angeles. Its first motor car was sold in the American after 10 years. In 1982, Honda had became the first Japanese company produced motors in American land, It began to sell Outlander in 1988.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd was established in 1933, Japan made bus appeared in the American market in 1958, factory was built after two years. Its most popular brand are Meek, Ameira, and Purimara, they are three of the world's 40 most popular motors. At present ,its stock had been sold for the high bet. French Renault SA company has set a contract with Nissan company to buy some of its company stocks.
Suzuki Motor Corporation established as an loom manufacturer in 1920. In 1952 , the first motorbike was produced , in 1955, first Suzulight motor was produced. The company mainly produced small size motor and light cross-country vehicle until now, meanwhile, it also produced exported complete engine and generator. The production have been sold in more than 127 countries and regions. The Suzuki Auto which produced by Suzuki and ChongQing Chang'an motor company together ,occupying an important place in the civil small motor market, is named of “ small crazy mouse”.
The original basis of Mazda was a soft wooden piston manufacture factory, which was established in 1921, now Mazda cars and trucks are sold in more than 120 countries and regions. In 1970, Mazda entered the American market , about 1/3 production are sold there. There are Mazda production installed with SKD way in HaiNan motor factory in China.
Mr. Rolls is a noble man and race car driver, he like making friends ,and always wanted to produce an English car someday. Mr. Royce is a brilliant engineer with much skills, he was very interested in Rolls' plan and made friend with him to produce English famous car together. The first Rolls-Royce was produced in Manchester. And it was advised as good car from then on.
In 1906, Charlie Rolls and Henry Royce established Rolls-Royce company together, at first, Rolls-Royce specialized in manufacturing airplane engine, then produced motor, motor engine are still being produced there at present. In 1998 Volkswagen AG bought Rolls-Royce ,at that time , Rolls-Royce was likely to be bought by BMW, now there are not so many Rolls-Royce in China.
The Jaguar company which established in Blankben ,England, produced not the motor but two wheels carriage. It was renamed as “SS” in 1955, and a branch factory was built in America. And it became one of branch company of ford company in 1989, now almost half of Jaguar motors are sold in America.
Renault SA was established in 1898, it owns 54 branch company, the annual motor production amount occupying 45% France motor market. It is the biggest motor production nation-enterprise in France. In abroad, Renault SA has Europe production base with which the Spain and Portugal as its center, middle and south American base with which Mexico and Argentina as its center. Moreover , it cooperates with east European countries closely. Renault SA has become the French biggest cross-country company and commercial and industrial monopoly group.
Peugeot was established in 1986, it was composed of three united companies Citroen, Taibao, and Peugeot. Its scale rank the first in France. A small lion was used as its sign. It's also the sign of its birthplace Montbeliard state. It mainly produced middle rail practical cars. Its currently produced cars style including 106,205,309,404,505,605. 505 style car is a kind of car that produced with Guangzhou motor company together. The foreign production place mainly in England ,Spain, South American country --Chile. Its production exported to other countries with big quantity.
Ferrais is always the symbol of super expensive running car, it is famous all over the world. There is a story of the birth of Ferrais :There was a landlord called Mrs Pollnina. Her son was a hero who drove fightairplane in the world war I. She put an design of horse in the plane, and believed it would get luck for her son, and blessed her son safe. Enzo.Ferra , the father of Ferrais company followed the lead of Mrs Pollnina's doing in an car racing, and succeed eventually. And after that, he used a jumping horse as the sign of the factory. And then landlord's son died , the color of the horse was changed as black. And golden yellow was used as its ground color . Fiat S.P.A. group currently owns 90% of Ferrais stocks. The production base is in Maranello and Modena, In 1995 ,its total sale quantity in the world is 3 thousand.
Fiat S.P.A. is Italian biggest commercial and industrial monopoly group, it occupies 4.6% Italian GNP and 12% exported amount. Its boss called Agnelli ,with the name of no crown king in Italy, the famous Juventus soccer party was established with the help of its company. For many years, Fiat S.P.A. almost buy all the motor companies in Italy with the help of its government, Including Lancia, Alfa, Romeo, Ferrari, and Maserati etc, and became the Italian motor leader. It is very famous in producing small and light motor .In 1989 and 1990 ,it exceed Volkswagen AG, became the European motor leader. Its group ranks the ninth in the world with $34.7 billion sale amount.
Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. is the biggest motor producer in Korea, it is the main force for Korean motor sold aboard. Every new style motor it produced is a crush to market. In the Korean motors, Daewoo tends to European style, Kia tends to American style, and Hyundai had been cooperating with MITSUBISHI for a long time, it has the trend of Japanese motor. This is not mean Korean motor is the copy of other motors, it has its own special style.
Daewoo group was a small construction company when it was established in 1967, from then on, Daewoo tended to develop in the worldwide, it entered the international construction industry, ship built industry, household appliance industry and other service industry. In 1997, Daewoo American company was established, in China, there is a cooperated company in GuiLin where produced Daewoo high rail bus.
Swedish aircraft company short for Saab was established in 1937, in 1950, the company began to produce motors, in 1956 its production entered American market. It not only produced car, also produced big buses, heavy lorries. Now it belongs to American General company.
Established in 1927, the first products Swedish Volvo Corp. produced was bus, and then it produced travel car, cross-country vehicle, saloon car etc. In 1955, its products entered in American market, the output of its production reached more than one million in 1980, 334 motor agencies are all over the states in the America, in 1997 , XiWo bus which produced together with the Xi'An airplane industry company is one of the best motors in civil high rail big size bus.
Chevy Trucks Corp. was established by a Swedish, at that time, its production output ranked the sixth in the world. The company produced its first Chevy carriage in 1918, and in the same year, the company was bought by General Motors Corporation. But its sale amount exceed all the other American motor brands. Its production with many different styles. Of course, including solely produced American super-running car--Corvette, its production also refer to trucks, cross-country vehicle, normal car etc.
美國AMG公司以生產悍馬(Hummer)而揚名世界。1992年,第一輛民用悍馬面世,立刻贏得了眾多青睞。如今,通用汽車公司已從生產悍馬的AM General公司得到了悍馬的商標使用權和生產權,悍馬H2 SUV就是在通用旗下誕生的第一輛悍馬. H2繼承了軍用悍馬的傳統風格,又賦予了它一些現代韻律.
1903年5月19日,大衛·別克(David Buick)在布里斯科史弟的幫助下創建了別克汽車公司。1908年它的產量達到8820輛,居美國第一位,并以別克公司為中心成立了通用汽車公司。別克部是通用汽車公司的第二大部門。別克車具有大馬力、個性化、實用性和成熟的特點。
歐寶汽車公司建于1862年,是以創建人阿德姆.奧貝爾(Adam Opel)命名的。該公司最初生產縫紉機和自行車。1897年開始生產汽車,1923-1924年建成長達45M的德國第一條流水生產線,產量猛增。由于生產速度太快而遭遇到嚴重的經濟困難,1929年美國通用汽車公司乘機收買了奧貝爾(歐寶)公司80%的股份,現仍屬美國通用的子公司。
1985年通用公司決定新建土星分部,企圖開發先進的土星牌轎車以抵御外國轎車大規模進入美國市場。分部設在田納西州春山市,是通用公司唯一從內部建立起來的公司。主要產品分為豪華轎車SL、旅行轎車SW和跑車SC。 土星(Saturn)是通用汽車公司最年輕的品牌,不存在背歷史包袱……
阿斯頓·馬丁·拉宮達公司是由奧斯頓、馬丁、拉宮達三家公司全并而成的,以生產敞蓬旅行車、賽車和限量生產的跑車而聞名世界。 參加車賽固然是發展轎車生產的重要手段,但耗資太大加上經營不善,1987年被美國福特公司收購。
路虎(Land Rover)以四驅車而舉世聞名:自創始以來就始終致力于為其駕駛者提供不斷完善的四驅車駕駛體驗。在四驅車領域中,路虎公司不僅擁有先進的核心技術,而且充滿了對四驅車的熱情:他是舉世公認的權威四驅車革新者。
在BMW的集團范圍內,迷你是一個獨特,獨立的品牌。誕生于1959年的MINI,設計別樹一格,1961年賽車工程師John Cooper將賽車血統注入汽車性能內,使實用別致的小車搖身變成賽車場上的傳奇,自此成為英國車壇之寶。四十年來MINI售出超過500萬以上,世界各地也有MINI車迷組織。BMW在買下MINI成為旗下的一個品牌之后,投注了上百萬美元的研發經費,舊MINI時代已結速,去年跟大家見面的新MINI車系,名字一樣,而設計卻煥然一新,拾棄了經典的形象,換來新潮格調的設計與包裝。
道奇牌轎車素以價廉和大眾化稱著, 頗受歡迎。轎車型號有: 蝰蛇(Viper), 無畏(Interpid), 隱形(Stealth), 小精靈(Spirit), 影子(Shadow), 霓虹(Neon)等。
約翰. 道奇和霍勒斯. 道奇兄弟曾是亨利. 福特的股東和董事, 他們的工廠起初為福特汽車生產零件。由于福特的成功, 道奇兄弟亦因此獲益, 并開始 發展自已的公司, 成為福特的對手。道奇兄弟1919 年脫離福特公司。后來, 道奇成為克萊斯勒汽車公司的骨干企業。
The Sterling? nameplate has come to represent work trucks which are tough, rugged and dependable. Created for regional hauling and vocational applications such as construction, snowplowing, refuse collection, towing and municipal and service uses, these vehicles are engineered to perform under the most varied conditions.
Customers count on Sterling trucks every day to help them deliver freight across North America. But, Sterling trucks are also built to perform jobs beyond simply transporting goods. They can be configured to serve such diverse applications as concrete mixers, dump trucks, cranes, street sweepers, and fire and emergency vehicles. The Sterling family includes the A-Line of Class 8 on-highway tractors, the L-Line of Class 7-8 trucks for highway or off-road use, the medium-duty Class 5-8 Acterra, the low-cab-forward Class 7-8 Cargo for urban use, and the Condor for the refuse, construction and aircraft refueling markets.
The Freightliner Trucks brand is one of the most recognizable and respected names in the trucking industry. Fleet managers and owner-operators alike associate Freightliner with efficient, dependable vehicles - business tools to be relied upon day in and out under even the most punishing conditions.
Freightliner Trucks, the largest division of Freightliner LLC, manufactures Class 5-8 trucks that serve a wide range of commercial vehicle applications. Its commitment to innovation, technology and responsive customer relationships makes it easy to understand why Freightliner is the best-selling brand of heavy-duty Class 8 trucks in North America. Long-haul highway vehicles include the efficient and reliable Columbia, the technologically advanced Century Class S/T and owner-operator favorites, the Coronado and Classic/Classic XL.
Renowned for premium quality trucks and fierce customer loyalty, Western Star? trucks have been the pride of owners for more than 35 years. Western Star serves three market segments in the heavy-duty, Class 8 category: owner-operator, premium vocational and specialty/extreme. For the long-haul owner-operator who spends days and nights on the open road, Western Star offers everything from the 4900 series to the LowMax and the luxurious Stratosphere Star Light Sleeper.
Employees at Thomas Built Buses realize that the vehicles they make will carry the most precious cargo. That's why they've dedicated themselves to creating the safest, most innovative buses on the market. For nearly 90 years, the Thomas name has been associated with innovative design, reliability and safety.
Headquartered in High Point, N.C., Thomas Built Buses is the leading school bus manufacturer in North American. More than one-third of the school buses sold in the U.S. and Canada are manufactured by Thomas Built. The company also manufactures light- and medium-duty buses for commercial transit and specialty markets.
Vincenzo Lancia was born on 24 August 1881 in Fobello, Val Sesia, Italy. the son of Cavalier Giuseppe Lancia, who had made his fortune in the preserved food industry.
Since they were quite well-to-do, Vincenzo’s family would spend the summer in their villa in Fobello and the rest of the year in Turin, in a property they owned in corso Vittorio Emanuele. Cavalier Lancia had already mapped out the future for each of his four children: Giovanni, Arturo, Maria and Vincenzo, who was affectionately known as Censin. Vincenzo was earmarked to become a solicitor.
At school, however, ‘Censin’ proved to be a disaster. He was certainly bright enough, but he simply couldn’t apply himself in his studies. He was lazy and easily distracted, and eventually his father reluctantly gave up on the idea of making a lawyer of him. Instead, at the age of twelve, he was sent off to college in the hope that he would at least gain a diploma in accounting.
Chinahanji Parts Plant--We are the OEM who has specialized in manufacturing of diesel fuel injection system for quite a few years. Our parts include nozzle, elements & plunger, delivery valve, VE-pump and so on. All products are in higher quality with competitive price. Our excellent quality has been performance in various kind of reputation brand-BOSCH, ZEXEL, DENSO, Delphi.Now we are producing the parts which used in the engine system of M35A2 and M60 tank, the type of the parts are HD90101A and HD8821, their most competitive price(almost one tenth of the product which made in USA) and the same quality will meet your need fairly.
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