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      ChinaHanji Power Co., Ltd, former ChinaHanji Parts Plant, founded in 1982, Located in DuBin Industrial Estate, Hanjiang District, Putian city of Fujian Province,occupies 10,000 square meters and employs more than 200 people, including more than 40 engineers and senior managers. With 20-year history of development, we are an integrated company in researching & developing, manufacturing and trading fuel pump assembly and its spare parts for motor vehicles.
      As a high-tech company, Under brand of CHJ, we provide our clients: Distributor type injection pumps model VE, M/EUI, Common rail related products, feed pumps, fuel injectors, and 3-pair precision assemblies including nozzles, plungers and delivery valves, which cover over 100 models of products and are available for all the medium and high speed diesel engines for vehicles and agricultural diesel engines..
      We focus on R&D and quality control. We have established strategic cooperative partnership with domestic universities, research institutes and automotive manufacturers. We also have established the overall quality management system, have TS16949 certification accredited in June, 2008..
      With a production capacity of thousands of parts, we have built long term cooperation with hundreds of customers around the world; we provide full services from drawing design to the after sales. Generally speaking, we are not only selling products, but also providing the complete solutions. We will unremittingly strive to develop new products to meet the growing demand of the customers.

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Chinahanji Power Co.,Ltd является специализированной производителем в области Дизельный двигатель И ЕгоЧасть Our Главные продукты Ve насос, дизельного впрыска частей, форсунка Дизели , система впрыска, Дизельного двигатели и взаимосвязанных продуктов (например, Голова насоса ,Топливный насос, кулачковый диск, приводной вал, Магнитные клапаны и т.д.), Дизель плунжера (А, В, С, PS7100, P8500, МВт типа, т.д.), Дизель Сопло (DN, DNOPDN, S, Sn, PN, и так далее.), Клапана Правила, Cat жиклер Карандаша типа и так далее.
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