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  1. victoria leather

    Victoria Leather

    Client: Levon

    Category: Ecommerce Website Development

    Technology: CSS, JQuery, HTML, ASP.Net, Volusion

    Duration: 2 weeks

    Website: www.victorialeathercompany.com

    LuxuraVictoria Leather Company is a complete hub of women fashion handbags. We feel proud to develop an ecommerce website for such a branded leather company.

    We developed the site in ASP.Net with Volusion as the Shopping Cart. We put together pleasing visual designs to showcase their products.

    All the products are separated on category basis for easy shopping facility. We also implemented the facility to track order status. Also we have provided the additional feature of displaying all the new

  2. seasoncars

    Season Cars

    Client: Sarfraaz

    Category: Portal Development

    Technology: CSS, JQuery, HTML, PHP

    Duration: 2 weeks

    Website: www.seasoncars.com

    Season Cars provides the rental service of Luxury Cars, Chauffeur in and around London, Essex and few other areas in United Kingdom. We developed an online portal to hire cars easily in few steps.

    Home Page contains an Online Quote form to get a quote for the hire. Users can easily get to know the pricing for their hire within simple steps. We developed the site in PHP Platform.

    Also the site was multi-lingual with various other languages. Each user will be given a separate dashboard to deal with their transactions, hire etc.,

    Gift Vouchers, Special Offers, Newsletter Subscription, Social Media Integration are the other functionality we have developed for this Season Cars.

  3. victoria leather

    NFL Freight

    Client: Paul

    Category: Static Website Development

    Technology: CSS, JQuery, HTML

    Duration: 1 week

    Website: www.nflfreight.com

    NFL Freight is one of the leading Logistics Company located in California. We gave great online presence to their company by developing a static website to represent their services. All their services are presented neatly in the site therefore it helps the user to get an idea about NFL Freight Company.

    We have completed this within a shortest time frame without any compromise on its quality. High-flying Colors such as Blue, Red and White was used in the design to present the site in a professional manner.

    NFL Freight is only an informational website therefore there is no special functionality or features in it. As per the expectation, the site gives complete information about the business.

  4. victoria leather

    Luxura Locks

    Client: Eugene

    Category: Ecommerce Website Development

    Technology: HTML, PHP

    Duration: 2 weeks

    Website: www.luxuralocks.com

    Luxura Locks is an online store of Brazilian Hair Clips in huge variety of colors, styles, price etc., We have developed this portal in well secured Custom PHP Platform which enables secure online purchase of Hair Clips..

    Home Page was adorned only by carousel images with awesome transitions which enhance the look and feel of the site, it is one of the notable features of this site. Backend contains all the necessary options to add products, edit contents, videos, manage orders, payments and so on.

    Moreover, we have built this Ecommerce Site from Scratch within a shortest time frame of two weeks. We truly believe that luxuralocks is one of our best work piece.

  5. victoria leather

    Expert Texting

    Client: Robert

    Category: Static Website Development

    Technology: CSS, JQuery, HTML, ASP.Net/p>

    Duration: 2 weeks

    Website: www.experttexting.com

    Expert Texting deals with SMS Marketing system, providing one stop SMS solution for any kind of business. We have developed professional website for this organization within a time frame of two weeks.

    Appealing, Professional color scheme with Green as the basic color was used in the design that really helps for a better outreach. Home Page looks simple but reveals all the basic functionality and depicts their services efficiently.

    In terms of development, we have developed a Calculator for calculating the pricing for SMS Marketing based on the number of sms & chosen Country.

  6. victoria leather

    Biz Find

    Client: Frances

    Category: Business Directory Development

    Technology: CSS, JQuery, HTML, PHP

    Duration: 3 weeks

    Website: www.bizfind.us

    Bizfind was an Italian Business Directory. We have redesigned this site completely and given a fresh new look and feel to the site. Also, we have improved the site functionality on large horizons.

    Website was designed in an aesthetic color combination of Red, Blue and White which gives professional look and feel to the site.

    Here, we have redeveloped the site in PHP platform without disturbing the existing data. All the data are incorporated in new site without any loss of data which is the most prominent task of this work.

    Responsive design of the site allows users to view the site fittingly in any devices irrespective of its size.

  7. victoria leather

    Just NDA

    Client: Alfredo

    Category: Portal Development

    Technology: CSS, JQuery, HTML, PHP

    Duration: 2 weeks

    Website: www.justnda.com

    Just NDA is a platform where the users can create NDA document within simple steps. NDA document will be created by filling few simple information. User can create any type of NDA document based upon their requirement and also export the NDA by downloading, sending as emails.

    We have developed the features in Custom PHP Platform which is more secure and reliable. Site was designed in a clean, simpler way yet it looks modern and trendy.

    Dashboard was developed in a friendly manner, thus the user can easily review their created documents, manage their profile.

  8. victoria leather

    Goodlife Fitness

    Client: Richard

    Category: Portal Development

    Technology: CSS, JQuery, HTML, ASP.Net

    Duration: 3 weeks

    Website: www.goodlifefitness.com

    Goodlifefitness was one of our best works in terms of both design and functionality. It is a complete Fitness Portal containing numerous functionalities. This site helps its visitors to find all information regarding fitness.

    Site was developed ASP.Net Platform. Clean Layout with Easy Navigation System makes the site User Friendly.

    We developed several notable features in the site such as Membership Packages, Directory of Fitness Classes, Directory of Fitness Clubs, Registration of Training Programs, Blog and so on.

    Most importantly, the site was developed in other languages too such as Chinese, Hinglish and French. Each and every element was developed with utmost care to bring out such an amazing website

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