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Ultrafast laser CNC

Equipment Name : Loading and Unloading automatic Micro hole edm machine

Processing range : 0.1m -0.4um, Machining Diameter0.1m -0.4um 0.6mm-2mm Hole Depth 0.6mm-2mm

Processing accuracy : Hole Tolerance ±2.5u ≤Ra0.4um Surface Roughness: ≤Ra0.4um

           Processing advantages :With two edm station, AA EDM loading and unloading automatic micro hole edm machine MH-5 is a modular design and manufacturing. Machine adopts automatic loading-unloading devices; servo electric spark head and Z axis are installed together. Fixture in front of the electric spark head is used for clamping parts. No servo-controlled, these axes can be manual adjustment, just fixed after adjustment. Electrode axes of two electric spark heads are servo-controlled with good stability, reliability and high machining accuracy.


Equipment Name : CNC high pressure grinding and flow test bench

Processing range :

Processing accuracy : Grinding pressure 2MPa-14MPa, accuracy ± 0.3%. Flow measurement 100-2500 ml / min, accuracy ± 0.1%

            Processing advantages : This high pressure grinding and flow test equipment with eight positions is a kind of semi-automatic equipment in advanced grinding methods, special patent abrasive and high-pressure oil pump setting design. It is suited to proofread high pressure grinding and flow test for precision throttling valve, nozzle and other high precision parts. The device has high pressure grinding circuit and active flow measurement circuit. Using manual loading-unloading operation can meet the needs of large quantities parts processing and testing.


Equipment Name : Numerical control electric spark machine tools microporous

Processing range : Aperture 0.1-0.8 MM,
Hole under 2 mm deep, and can be processed all kinds of conductive material such as stainless steel, brass, hardened steel.

Processing accuracy : Poor aperture scattered +-0.005MM

            Processing advantages :The device using the spark discharge removal in principle, the use of precision thin electrode processing various shapes of precise microporous, mainly used in chemical fiber spinneret precision of spinneret hole processing, high precision and good surface quality.Adopting the combination of simple electrode by nc can processing all kinds of complicated hole shape.


Equipment Name : five-axis six-station hinges&honing machine

Processing range : Machining inner hole is less than 25 mm in diameter, depth of less than 100 mm of cast iron, steel, hardened steel, powder metallurgy, copper, aluminum and other materials of high precision hole products

Processing accuracy : Roundness 1 u,
roughness Ra0.1

            Processing advantages :The machine tool is CNC five-axis six-station layout designed, and the spindle box connected to the machine tool ball bearing linear guide, which can servo motor and main drive motor drive the cutter for rotary and linear fast-forward,work into position, motion control, and nc rotary table can drive the workholder make circular dividing movement.Card processing, five main shaft head can be installed in five different particle size of abrasive tool, the five workpiece processed at the same time, each artifact is processed by five different particle size of the cutting tool,and the efficiency is high.


Equipment Name : Liquid grinding machine

Processing range : aperture0.15-0.5MM Nozzle grind with high pressure

Processing accuracy : +-0.05L/Min,
Working Pressure10MPa,
Processing time E110-100S

            Processing advantages :You can remove the burr in the nozzle,to improve roughness of nozzle inner bore,to reduce nozzle flow。Nozzle Flow difference can be controlled within +-0.05L/Min,improving the consistency of nozzle flow。


Equipment Name : Infiltration line equipment

Processing range : By infiltration can solve the micropore defect of casting products. Such as aluminum alloy, stainless steel, powder metallurgy etc., which making the product no tiny leakage.

Processing accuracy : Qualified rate for one time infiltration:>98%

            Processing advantages :Automation, assembly line work, using imported organic glue, hot water curing, high qualified rate of infiltration, no residue of glue.


Equipment Name : CNC hinges&honing machine

Processing range : Processing inner hole diameter less than 25MM, 100MM deep within the cast iron, steel, hardened steel, metallurgy, copper, aluminum and other materials, high-precision through-hole products

Processing accuracy : Roundness1u , Roughness Ra0.1

           Processing advantages :The numbercial control machine designed as five spindle and six station layout, connected with roller bearing linear guide, the spindle tank drive tool to make various linear fast forward, Feeding,Position Movement Control by severicing to electronic machine and main driving electronic machine,numbercial control machine rebolving frame working drive workholding tool make circular dividing movement. While Manufacturing,five different granularited materialed tool are installed in dop of five spindle,operating at five workholding at the same time,each is operated by them,processing efficiency is high.

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