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Ultrafast laser CNC

Equipment Name : Shape measuring instrument

Processing range : Instrument measuring range:
Maximum workpiece diameter: 230mm
Maximum heigh of measure: 380mm
C axis-Z axis distance: 218mm

Processing accuracy : Roundness error (P + V) 0.03um +0.0006 um / mm to measure height Roundness error (P or V) 0.015um +0.0003 um / mm measure height
Axial runout (P + V) 0.04um +0.0006 um / mm measure radius axial runout (P or V) 0.02um +0.0003 um / mm measure radius

             Processing advantages : The functions of Measurement have roundness, deflection, deflection, concentricity, concentricity, cylinder degrees, straightness, etc.. Shafting abrasion resistance, low wear, good stability, strong bearing capacity, high precision and durability.


Equipment Name : Outline Scanner

Processing range : Three kinds of diameter of 4.3 mm, 4.0 mm and 2.0 mm

Processing accuracy : For inner and outer diameter measuring < = 10% tolerance, for measuring the clearance and taper < 0.25 u

             Processing advantages : The design of the scanning device can meet the tiny geometry and dimension tolerance and extremely precise matching requirements of precision parts measurement.The scanning device can also be used to measure tolerance range larger parts measurement.You can also choose zero self-adjustment, making gauge integrated within the scanner, to guarantee higher accuracy and stability.


Equipment Name : Oil injection nozzle high pressure flow test bench

Processing range : 0-3L/Min

Processing accuracy : +-1%(0.01L/Min)

             Processing advantages : quick response for nozzle and valve assemblies flow testing, reliability and stability,High test precision


Equipment Name : Magnetic particle inspection machine bed

Processing range : It's applicable to test magnetic particle with very subtle defects of various parts' the surface, which due to the the forging, quenching, grinding, fatigue.

Processing accuracy : Flaw detection sensitivity and Demagnetization effects meet the industry standards JB/T8290-1998

             Processing advantages : All-in-one, magnetizing & demagnetization performed on one machine, easy operation, stable performance


Equipment Name : Roundness measuring equipment

Processing range :
This equipment is mainly used to measure the roundness of workpiece's the outer or inner circle, circular shaft's degree of the outer or inner circle with same section or several parallel sections. And, it can measure the verticality of shoulder or end face and the axis of the inner & outer circle. It also can measure the flatness and waviness.

Processing accuracy : ≤4% measurement accuracy≤4%"

             Processing advantages : After configuring microcomputer, we can calculate four kinds of reference circle(the minimum area, least squares, the minimum external and maximal inscribed) , each relative reference roundness and amount of eccentricity. Fast and reliable operation, along with a variety of additional features.


Equipment Name : roughness tester

Processing range : for measuring the parameters of plane,cyindrical surface,deep groove,cambered surface roughness,direct outline and straightness

Processing accuracy : Ra indication error:≤±5%;minimum definition:0.001μm

             Processing advantages :with straightness measuring system to measure width and depth of groove,drive box with motor-driven for rise and fall,sensor with auto-zero,drive box can runout45°right and left for easily measurement。


Equipment Name : metal Rockwell hardness tester

Processing range : for measuring the rockwell hardness of ferrous metal,nonferrous metal,non-metallic material and heat treatment material like quenching and tempering

Processing accuracy : resolution ratio0.5HR

             Processing advantages :manual Rockwell hardness tester,presice,reliable,durable,high-efficiency test


Equipment Name : Vickers hardness tester

Processing range : It's applicable to testing the micro-precise vickers hardness of parallel planes,small parts and ultrathin parts

Processing accuracy : hardness:indication error≤3%

             Processing advantages :friction-free spindle,high-accuracy test,automation-process test,high-accuracy optical measurement



Processing range : It's applicable to Hardness testing for ferrous metal,nonferrous metal,non-metallic material

Processing accuracy : error of indication for hardness tester

             Processing advantages :Automatic closed-loop pressure sensor control system,On the measurement of convertible los type vickers hardness and tensile strength.


Equipment Name : spring stiffness tester

Processing range : It's mainly applicable to testing hardness of various

Processing accuracy : error of indication

             Processing advantages :Using Automatic measurement and control systems to accomplish measurement and data storage,analyzing.


Equipment Name : metallographic analyzer

Processing range : It's mainly applicable to analyzing inner metal instructure.

Processing accuracy : Industry Standard

             Processing advantages :Using Inverted metallurgical microscope and advanced sample preparation equipment,tested and analyzed by specialist engineers in provincial metallographic association.

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